The Family Wellness Rainbow

Growing interest in wellness is evident from fitness, nutrition and spirituality programs.  Together, these lack the span of essentials found in the new Family Wellness Rainbow.

The Rainbow has a balance of six essentials that families need to ensure their wellness:

Health - Fitness is still the best medicine. It promotes health that prevents illness and helps us cope when illness strikes

Relationships - In these bonds we and our children experience consistent caring in good and bad times

Knowledge - Only the family can guide children in the selection and use of today’s endless information sources

The Family Itself - New recognition is needed by all families of the importance of their unique nature and job in these tough times

Values - All of us need new appreciation of the good, the bad and the consequences of both

Faith - Belief is still the bedrock of family life, we need to rediscover the simple truths

The Family Wellness Rainbow is a new way to attend to wellness. It combines six essentials. It displays the need for balance across the colours and their value.